Automated Arbitrage
Market Maker

Deepest decentralized on-chain liquidity for tokens swaps
with transaction fee payback chance!

SwapSwap's Ingenuity.

SwapSwap is a new type of AMM exchange design, specifically an A2MM exchange performing automated routing and arbitrage for your trades.

Best rate guaranteed.

SwapSwap looks through the biggest DEXes (currently Uniswap and Sushiswap) to automatically find the best prices for your trade at the time of execution.

Perform arbitrage. Save on fees.

SwapSwap automatically executes optimal arbitrage while swapping cryptoassets. This resulting revenue allows you to save on average 90% of the transaction fees!

Fully decentralized.

SwapSwap is fully on-chain and works without a trusted, centralized server. The code is open-source and publicly verifiable.

A healthy blockchain.

By using SwapSwap you contribute to the blockchain's health through atomic Miner Extractable Value (MEV) extraction.

SwapSwap is more than just an A2MM.

SwapSwap's mission is to foster the decentralized nature of permissionless blockchains. Centralizing technology is always an easy, but censorship- and corruption-prone avenue. While decentralization is intellectually hard, SwapSwap strives to enable broad inclusion of everyone at equal privileges.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to most common questions.

What is an A2MM?

An A2MM is an automated arbitrage market maker. It allows you to trade tokens while automatically extracting any arbitrage opportunities generated by that trade before anyone else is able to do so.

How much cheaper than Uniswap is SwapSwap?

On average it is 90% cheaper than using Uniswap because the automated arbitrage provides a return that offsets the costs of the transaction fees. Over time this value is expected to drop as arbitrage opportunities decrease.

How does arbitrage work?

Whenever you perform a trade on a market, you change an asset price on that market. Anyone can then synchronize the prices between markets by performing opposite trades on each market and therefore profiting from the price differences between markets.

What tokens can I trade?

In theory any ERC20 token. However, SwapSwap currently relies on the underlying Uniswap and Sushiswap AMMs so only pairs that are available on those AMMs are available on SwapSwap. To benefit from arbitrage you must trade a pair that is available on both exchanges.

Is it safe and secure to use?

SwapSwap is a fully on chain protocol and hence you should always be in fully custody of your funds. However, smart contract vulnerabilities and other risks may result in a complete loss of funds. Please trade at your own risk and verify the open source code yourself.

How does SwapSwap exchange tokens?

Under the hood SwapSwap uses Uniswap and Sushiswap to exchange tokens. If there is an arbitrage opportunity at the moment the trade is executed, the arbitrage is automatically performed in the background.